Testing: College and Career Readiness

Over the four years in high school, stu­dents will engage in a com­pre­hen­sive col­lege and career readi­ness pro­gram. Rig­or­ous cur­ricu­lum in high school, aligned with Com­mon Core State Stan­dards, can be assessed through EXPLORE®PLAN®, and The ACT® and Work Keys® assessments.
By tak­ing these assess­ments between 8th grade and junior year, teach­ers can review aca­d­e­mic achieve­ment through these assess­ments and offer assis­tance to stu­dents to develop per­sonal goals to increase col­lege and career readiness.


EXPLORE is the first part of the standardized testing system.  It is taken to gauge a student’s knowledge in Science, Math, Reading, and English.  Scores from a student’s 8th grade EXPLORE test often play a large role in placing students into the appropriate high school courses.  The 9th grade EXPLORE test results help to indicate the level of growth that a student has made during the course of their freshman year of high school.


PLAN is the sec­ond part of the stan­dard­ized test­ing sys­tem.  It is taken to gauge a student’s growth in the areas of Sci­ence, Math, Read­ing and Eng­lish and to pre­pare stu­dents for the ACT exam.  The PLAN test results can help stu­dents under­stand their aca­d­e­mic strengths and their post-high school preparedness.


The PSAE is the third part of the stan­dard­ized test­ing sys­tem.  It is taken to gauge a student’s growth in the areas of Sci­ence, Math, Read­ing and Eng­lish.  ACT and WorkKeys test results are very strong indi­ca­tors of col­lege suc­cess and post-high school preparedness.
Junior-level students should also register for the ACT or SAT test during this year.  We have registration forms in the Student Services Office, or you may register online. Please consult with your counselor to determine which tests are appropriate.
For the most up-to-date information, please check the ACT website,  contact your son or daughter’s counselor, or contact specific colleges .  The Schaumburg High School ACT School Code is 143-857

IMPORTANT:  The ACT test includes an optional writing component, which is NOT offered through the PSAE in April.  The College Writing Test Requirement Search Tool can help you determine which colleges require the ACT Plus Writing or you can contact the admissions office directly at the college.  Students who need the writing portion for admission should register for the National ACT Test at www.actstudent.org


The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test will be administered to some sophomores and many juniors.  The test provides firsthand experience for the SAT and also gives juniors the opportunity to qualify for National Merit scholarship money.  The test measures critical reading skills, writing skills and math problem-solving skills.  Registration and payment must be taken to the school cashier between October 1 through October 5, 2012.  The registration is $14.00 and checks are made payable to Schaumburg High School.

College Board Online Information is available on the PSAT, SAT I and II, and Advanced Placement Tests. Online registration for the SAT I and SAT II is available at this site. Online test preparation is also part of this site. The Schaumburg High School College Board School Code is 143-857
GoCollege Test prep for ACT and SAT. Additional information on scholarships and colleges available at this site
EXPLORE This site provides sample test questions and provides information on the EXPLORE test. This test is given to each 8th-grade student entering Schaumburg High School.
Petersons A website where there is a very comprehensive ACT and SAT Test Preparation Component
PSAE Test Prep SHS’s website for test prep for the Prairie State Achievement Exam, the required test for all juniors
Princeton Review Test prep for ACT, SAT, and PSAT.
TestGEAR A test prep site for ACT (Universal code: 13741780) and PSAT (Universal code: 13519742)
Student Edge Source for College and Scholarship search, practice ACT,SAT and PSAT tests. Schaumburg High School Access Code: WXHBERZZ
TestPrep.Com Test prep for ACT, SAT, PSAT, and TOEFL
TOEFL This site provides information on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)