Senior of the Month

Nathaniel Leonhardt - December Senior of the Month

Nathaniel Leonhardt – December Senior of the Month

We are proud to announce Nathaniel Leonhardt as the December Senior of the Month. As end of the year beckons reflection on our thoughts and actions, Nathaniel Leonhardt has already begun the process because he knows that he can only improve when gaining perspective on what he has done well, so he may strengthen and enhance his benefit, and on what he needs to improve, so he may grow and help imbue this same process in others. This continuous act of circumspection, plus his unwavering decision to bring practice to theory, qualifies Nathaniel Leonhardt to become our December Senior of the Month.

When Nathaniel started at Schaumburg High School, he actively engaged in Baseball and in Drama. Knowing that he wanted to continue to improve and find his voice, he continued these endeavors and added Debate to his repertoire of athletics and activities. Last year, as his efforts developed, he delivered an amazing performance as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast while winning 2nd Place overall in the entire State of Illinois at the IHSA State Debate Tournament. Nathaniel balances these extracurricular experiences with his advanced placement course load.

But what people find most impressive about Nathaniel is his ability to disarm anyone with a smile when he sets them at ease with his calm demeanor and his natural sense of humor. Vital to an accelerated student on a path rife with potential anxiety, Nathaniel code-switches smoothly between formal and informal positions to reveal a persona that perfectly matches the criteria of any situation. In other words, Nathaniel knows how to act properly when he wants to positively influence his audience.

We know that he does want to help others because he became a secondary-intern in English this year to unlock the possibility of becoming an English teacher. If you ask Nathaniel, though, if he is going to become a teacher, he might tell you that he wants to study law or politics or philosophy or physics, not instead – but in addition to English, so that he may continue to prepare for any situation that might cause harm to those he loves.

Nathaniel loves Schaumburg High School and all of the opportunities we have provided for him – he only wants to give back to his community after he finishes college at Washington University at St. Louis, DePaul University, Boston University, or the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Please congratulate Nathaniel Leonhardt on the accomplishment of becoming our December Senior of the Month.