Senior of the Month

We are proud to announce Melissa Tran as the September Senior of the Month

We are proud to announce Melissa Tran as the September Senior of the Month

We are proud to announce Melissa Tran as the September Senior of the Month. At Schaumburg High School, we know that good students become good adults because of their attention to process, citizenship, and morality. We know that good students want to become good adults in order to give back to world that initially guided them. When Melissa Tran started her journey four years ago at SHS, she had strong goals for herself, but she never wanted to attain them solely for herself. By gaining credibility for her many accomplishments, she actually gained credibility for the process of acting the right way for the right reasons, which is why we honor her as our September Senior of the Month.

Humility notwithstanding, Melissa has earned many accolades from scoring perfectly on her ACT and SAT to functioning as a member of the Newspaper to leading the Debate Team as Captain; but, if you had a conversation with her, she would rather talk about how to revolutionize the medical field to provide better health care to more people and how to reform the educational system to make sure more students gain the skills they need to succeed in society. Melissa’s humble attitude allows her to complete the tasks necessary for everyone to benefit without ego stumbling in the way.

In fact, her expertise in a range of areas from mathematics to humanities causes many to flock toward her advice; yet, she never speaks from a position of power because she believes that others must use their free will to make their own decisions. Usually, Melissa does more listening than speaking at first in order to understand the different points of view that exist. Because Melissa values diversity, she attempts to combine the efforts and goals of differing perspectives in order to create a plan that will help everyone.

Melissa will study biology in order to start the process of becoming a doctor next year. She hopes to attend Harvard, Princeton, or the University of Wisconsin. She knows, without a doubt, that her journey is far from over, which we think is amazing because that means she is going to positively impact the lives of many more people. Congratulations to our first Senior of the Month for the 2014-2015 school year!