Senior of the Month

Paul Couston, Senior of the month for April.

Paul Couston, Senior of the month for April.

Schaumburg High School is proud to announce Paul Couston as the April Senior of the Month.

Paul Couston is a standout. He has a work ethic uncharacteristic of today’s youth. Paul is highly motivated and extremely hard working. His commitment to learn both in and out of the classroom is to be applauded. Much of his success can be attributed to his maturity in managing time, prioritizing tasks, as well as intellectual curiosity. Paul is a pleasure to have in class. His attitude is contagious. His inquisitiveness and determination are to be admired. Paul is the type of student that you wish you had the pleasure of working with every year.

As a student, Paul is always very interested in how things work, finding out the process, drawing conclusions, and making connections. As a math and science student, Paul is excited to discover linkages between curricular areas and topics. Whether science helped his math experience have more application and real-world meaning, or his math helped him work through challenging solutions to questions posed by science, Paul has been genuinely excited to apply his knowledge across the curricular areas. His math and science teachers both have been very impressed with his abilities.

Paul is a talented and well-rounded young man. In addition to excelling in the classroom, Paul has been committed to the Water Polo and Band Programs at Schaumburg High School. As a polo player, Paul is an “extra effort kid”. In practice he sets a good example for younger players. He makes the time to mentor and show younger players proper technique and skill. Paul has attained success through his dedication, hard work, and positive attitude. Paul is an example of what a SAXON student athlete should be!

Paul’s teachers and coaches maintain it is always a pleasure to see Paul, because he brings such excitement and joy to any conversation and situation. His classmates and teammates also recognize this quality in him. As a result people gravitate to Paul. Paul is a respected and sought after individual by his peers, for his content knowledge, skill, and his ability to share that with others. Students are eager to work with him. With his affable personality, and charisma, Paul not only fits into any group, he makes it better.

Next fall, Paul plans to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he plans to study Industrial Engineering. Paul is destined to be an engineer. His love of learning and excitement in new discoveries allow him to think outside the box. Paul is not interested in merely getting an answer to a problem, but rather he wants to understand why a solution works. He also loves sharing his discoveries with others. He embodies the desire, knowledge, and wherewithal to be a successful engineer. He will undoubtedly make significant contributions to both the learning community and respective field of study.