Senior of the Month

Zaynah Farooq May Senior of the Month

Zaynah Farooq, May Senior of the Month.

Schaumburg High School is proud to announce Zaynah Farooq as the May Senior of the Month. Zaynah Farooq is a student who has moves through life with silent grace and stands in firm opposition to any discrimination or inequality to anyone of any kind. As a Saxon, she stands for everything that we hold dear in the community of Schaumburg, which is that we all belong to this community, and for these reasons we honor her as our May Senior of the Month.

Zaynah wants to improve the minds of others, but she believes strongly that one must speak their own mind, first, in order to achieve that level of persuasion. What a difficult task for a natural introvert! Nevertheless, Zaynah characterized the inner strength necessary when she joined Diversity Club with the intent to share the positive aspects of all cultures with our society. She speaks and she writes in order create justice for anyone who may be oppressed, and she always uses her understanding to place herself in varying perspectives for the purpose of learning more about what people value.

She brings these values back to her own culture while volunteering at religious institutions in order to strengthen her own education in addition to her scholarly endeavors in countless Advanced Placement classes here at Schaumburg High School. In her free time, she has also dedicated herself to reading scripture for the purposes of improving how she interacts with people in her life.

During her junior year, she achieved a newfound confidence which allowed her to participate more freely in the Schaumburg community. More people started to listen to her views because she represented them fairly and logically even when she felt fiery passion for her own point-of-view. Zaynah never allows emotion to trump the process of making a strong argument.

Now, as a senior, she helps underclassmen in the same way. She patiently listens to the problems that they have – either in academics or in life – and proceeds to instruct them on how to follow process and how to use one’s voice, even when it is written and not spoken, to positively influence others.

Zaynah represents so many people at Schaumburg, and she would be most proud of the people that she embodies who will soon learn how to advocate for themselves. With Zaynah’s continued efforts, and her exposure as our May Senior of the Month, even more individuals will learn to aptly represent what they believe.