Senior of the Month

Emilee Baldwin -  November Senior of the Month

Emilee Baldwin – November Senior of the Month

We are proud to announce Emilee Baldwin as the November Senior of the Month. People who know Emilee Baldwin know that she is an excellent representation of a Schaumburg Saxon.  She embodies a very strong work ethic which allows her to be successful in her classes.  People know that she models the expectations of a Saxon outside of the classroom as well by participating in various clubs and organizations.  People even know that she is a friendly and caring person who is willing to give her time and energy to others around her so that they can become better.

What makes Emilee Baldwin this month’s “Senior of the Month” are things that people may not know.  In the classroom, Emilee has received numerous acclamations, including being an Mid Suburban League Academic Scholar and a member of the Spanish Honor Society.    In the school, she participated in athletics all four years.  She also earned membership in the National Honor Society.    In the community, she is a member of St. Hubert’s Youth Ministry Leadership team.  Emilee also participated in two St. Baldrick’s events as a shavee and raised over $6,600 in donations.  She is now volunteering on the St. Baldrick’s core committee.

Even though she earns high grades,  that is not her main motivation for success.  She tries to challenge herself every day.   Her positive attitude about learning is also very valuable when the class gets tough.    Friends and activity sponsors are always happy when Emilee is part of their club or team.  She brings a friendly outlook and “can do” attitude to any meeting that she attends.

We are proud to have Emilee as our senior of the month.  She is a great example of what “We Are SHS” is all about.