Senior of the Month

Nabiha Mansoor - March Senior of the Month

Nabiha Mansoor – March Senior of the Month

Schaumburg High School is proud to announce Nabiha Mansoor as the March Senior of the Month.

For the past four years, Nabiha Mansoor has dedicated her time to making people smile –
thankfully, she spent that time here at Schaumburg High School, where we are proud to honor her as our March Senior of the Month.

Through her studies in the humanities and the sciences, through her extensive involvement in our Drama program, and through her dedication to Saxon Pride, Nabiha has constantly made each day at Schaumburg High School meaningful. She is the kind of person who understands the precious nature of time, and she always uses hers wisely as she evolves as an individual. In fact, her level of introspection has aided her in making good decisions that transcend her personally – she genuinely cares about how she can make our community better as well.

Nabiha succeeds at improvement because she pays careful attention to process. She learned and honed this process in her academic classes and in her time spent in the world of Drama, which values process also. Nabiha engages in step-by-step analysis and reflection in any activity, and whether she is studying, acting, directing, or teaching, she considers the best possible options for herself and the people involved in the project with her.

Nabiha also uses the skills she has learned through process to aid her in her writing. She constantly reviews her various drafts in order to gain greater clarity for her message. She has used the confidence she gained through her writing voice to begin to help others. Now, she kindly tutors other students to help positively influence their education.

After helping students of all backgrounds for her first three years, she decided to capitalize upon this path when she became a secondary-education intern in the field of English. She has often commented on how her success has been directly linked to the support she has received from the Schaumburg High School faculty, and her decision to intern hinged on giving back to our school.

While Nabiha currently remains undecided about where she will attend school after she graduates, she is intent on harnessing the ability to shape another person’s mind with every class she will take. Beyond the mental persuasion, Nabiha will use her empathic ability to move beyond understanding with anyone who will potentially become her student because she genuinely cares about everyone she meets. Without doubt, everyone at Schaumburg who has come in contact with her has learned something about themselves and about how fantastic Nabiha Mansoor is. Let us congratulate Nabiha on her accomplishment as our March Senior of the Month!