Senior of the Month

Sam Salvador June Senior of the Month

Sam Salvador is the June Senior of the Month!

Schaumburg High School is proud to announce Sam Salvador as the June Senior-of-the-Month. Twelve dedicated, hard-working students receive this award each year based on their contributions to both the school and community environments. They must possess an exemplary grade point average and make a difference to those surrounding them. Sam Salvador exceeds those prerequisites and is deserving of this award. In addition to being a superior student and maintaining an excellent grade point average Sam Salvador stands out from the masses in many different ways.
One of the many things that make Sam an excellent Saxon is her helpful nature. She is always willing to help another student with a problem in class or with something outside of class. She held the position of NHS blood drive manager as well as acting as student peer consoler. Outside the school environment Sam Salvador received the distinguished service award from the Children’s Advocacy Center for her contributions in helping others. She is not just satisfied with bettering herself; she wants to help others around her also excel. She truly cares about her friends and fellow classmates in addition to those in the surrounding community.
While in the classroom if Sam finds that she does not know the answer to a particular problem she is willing to ask for help from a teacher or one of her fellow students. It would be logical to think that Sam’s success comes from her natural intelligence but that would be a false assumption. Even though she is very clever, she is successful because she is an extremely hard worker and refuses to give up on a problem until a solution is found. Sam always gives her best effort in everything she is involved in.
Sam Salvador has earned the respect of her peers and teachers. Being a strong leader and guiding the class in the correct direction by standing up for what she thinks is correct allows her to lead by example. All involved feel very strongly that Sam will find success at the collegiate level of education. She is that type of a person that makes others around her better which is the best compliment one could give to another. Congratulations Sam on a recognition well deserved.