Senior of the Month

Belinda Chum - April Senior of the Month

Belinda Chum – April Senior of the Month

Meet Belinda Chum, Schaumburg High School’s April Senior of the Month. Belinda Chum is a well-deserving recipient of the Senior Student of the Month Award. As a student, her teachers have witnessed her determination, scholarship, and diligence firsthand. Belinda possesses a formidable knowledge of both literature and mathematics and enriches classroom discussion with her mature insight on current issues and problem solving. Belinda is known to complete every assignment with thoroughness and thoughtfulness. In addition, Belinda’s ELL teacher maintains “she is one of the most determined and industrious students I have encountered in my many years of teaching. As a student in my ESL class and in my US Literature class, Belinda wrote insightful papers and had a very good grasp of literary analysis.” As a math student, “Belinda understands concepts deeply, quickly, and is eager to share her knowledge with others.” She is a determined scholar who is a valuable asset to Schaumburg High School. Belinda is respected by faculty members and her peers for her dedication to excellence as well as her helpful nature. She is very excited to pursue a college degree in accountancy or engineering because she has a passion for mathematics and logic.

Furthermore, she enjoys volunteering and working with others. She is an active member of the math team, NHS, the Share Program (a service club) and the varsity badminton team. In addition, Belinda celebrates the diversity of cultures within the classroom and within her community. Belinda has taken a rigorous, academic course load while participating in a myriad of activities at school and within the community. Schaumburg High School has discovered that Belinda is one of those students who simply loves to learn. Belinda often seeks out teachers’ expertise for clarification and exploration of new subject material. Belinda is a respectful, hard-working student who sets high goals for herself and does not tire until she achieves them. Belinda is a self-motivated participant who definitely has made a formidable impact on her peers. She values her educational opportunities and the sacrifices her family has made to ensure those opportunities for advancement. Belinda has excelled in English, her second language. Her determined personality, coupled with her academic achievements in a second language, marks Belinda as a well-rewarding recipient.