Senior of the Month



There is a distinct pleasure in knowing Christian Monzon, Schaumburg High School’s February Senior of the Month. In the time he has been a part of the SHS community, Christian has come to be recognized as a wonderfully diverse and engaging young man. And, while his academic resume certainly supports the level of accomplishment that one would expect from an accolade such as this, what truly makes Christian special extends beyond the classroom.

In every aspect, Christian is a champion for the human spirit. From his strong academic status, to his involvement in a variety of sports and extra-curricular activities ranging from tennis to academically competitive teams, Christian continuously demonstrates his ability and desire to lead. By the end of his high school career, he will have taken THIRTEEN AP courses, and served on four honors societies: National Honor Society, Spanish Honors, Tri-M for music, and NSDA for debate. It’s no wonder that, during his Senior year, he has been named as an Illinois State Scholar and is a recipient in the National Hispanic Recognition Program. As a 4-year member of the 3-time state champion SHS debate team, Christian’s strong oratorical efforts earned the distinctions of Best Speaker and Best Presiding Officer. He has also been a part of both Math Team and the Band program for his entire high school career, taking on leadership roles in both name and action, as well as earning a Division I ranking for IHSA for solo and ensemble band. The list of involvements and accolades goes on and on.

Yet, by just sitting and talking with him, one would never know how truly involved he is in so many different arenas. That is because when one engages with Christian, he is truly connected with that individual in that moment. One might learn, for example, that on occasion, Christian volunteers with the Autonomous Tenants Union, an organization that fights for fair housing prices in Chicago; or that he’s bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English fluently. With all that Christian does for his school and beyond, he still has time to chat with his peers about current events, topics, and political issues that matter to them.

Christian is truly a renaissance person, and his desire to help others is matched by his willingness to learn and grow as an intellectual, and as a human being. He is not one to simply settle for his own self-interests, and his passion for helping others shows in everything he does. Christian has found a balance between want and need, enjoyment and service to others. When asked about his approach to balance, he states: “I live by a bend-not-break philosophy in which I improve myself slowly, stretching my limitations patiently with every challenge I take without overwhelming myself. Taking small steps towards self-improvement, I will remain motivated by the ability to make small changes to my habits or behaviors for a drastic improvement over time.”

Christian truly has everything it takes to be extraordinary in his life and career: a relentless quest for knowledge, and endearing ability to make any individual feel like they’re the only person that matters at that moment, and a humility which comes only with a confidence in his own self-worth. There is no question in my mind that Christian will find success in whatever he does in life. But, it’s not just his drive for academic excellence, nor his participation in numerous extra- and co-curricular activities that will define Christian’s future. It is his ability to connect with people on a personal level that will help Christian as he takes the next step in his life. This recognition is a testament to Christian’s amazing spirit. Our community, as well as any other he embraces, will be rewarded as Christian will pay forward every chance he gets.

Congratulations, Christian Monzon, on being named Schaumburg High School’s February Senior of the Month.