Limited Cell Phone Use Policy

Students will be allowed to use cell phones and other electronic communication devices in the Cafeteria and the Entrance 1 Hallway and Foyer during the school day.

Cell phones and other electronic devices will not be allowed in any unauthorized areas or individual classrooms, except at the discretion of the classroom teacher. Students are expected to respect and follow the rules of the individual classroom teachers. If a student fails to respond appropriately to any staff member in relation to an electronic device, that student will be subject disciplinary consequences. Electronic devices will not be allowed in any bathrooms, locker rooms, offices, or assemblies. Any disruption to the learning environment as a result of a cell phone or other electronic devices will be a violation and subject to disciplinary action.

In addition to announcements and website postings, signage will be posted throughout the school stipulating the policy and indicating authorized (and unauthorized) locations.

Dance Expectations

Over the last few years, it has been brought to our attention by students, staff and community members, that the dancing style that has been displayed [by students] at school dances, has extended beyond the line of what is deemed to be acceptable. This has been of great concern to us as a school, and we have chosen to take a stand on this issue. Our expectation is that you will dance Face to Face at all school dances. Front to back dancing will no longer be allowed.

Student ID and Lanyard Policy

Students are required to wear and properly display a current school I.D. card. The I.D. card must be worn around the neck and visible at all times during the school day except when specifically exempted on a temporary basis by a faculty member. Any I.D. lanyard other than the school-issued lanyard must be approved at the discretion of school staff. Students may not embellish their I.D. card with any drawing or writing.

To see the complete list of policies and rules download our pdfbullet Student Handbook