Second Semester & Final Grades Posted May 26

The school year and second semester ended on Friday, May 26, and grades have now been posted. You may review grades submitted by your child’s teachers at the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. If you have more than one high school student in the family, you must first select a student from the options at the top of the screen.

Once you have entered your account, grade summaries are available in the schedule tab located at the left side of the screen. Make sure the calendar is set to 16-17 school year. To access quarter, final exam, and semester grades, click on the name of each course. Second semester grades will display at the top of the Grading Task Summary. Grade boxes are shaded green to indicate submitted grades. If the teacher has made comments regarding your child, these are viewable by hovering over the displayed grade. Each course must be viewed individually using the schedule tab.

A complete listing of Semester 2 grades is available in the reports tab located at the left side of the screen.  Select “Report Card Semester 2” from the options. This report will include submitted grades and attendance for second semester courses. Additionally, report cards were mailed to parents of all students this week. The report card you receive will include all grades as well as the semester, cumulative, regular, and weighted grade point averages for your child.