Attention Saxons
iBoss Instructions for iPad

Attention Saxons! – This is a MUST READ!

We have made a change in the configuration of your iPads that impacts the way you get on the internet when you are off the school network. 

As we continually work hard to improve the learning environment and our 1:1 program, one of the challenges that we ran into was in how the iPad on-device filter handles some websites. Initially, we found some education websites getting unintentionally blocked. As of today, we are making a change and removing the on-device filter while extending the school-based filter to the iPad when it is not on the school network. This means that any website or educational material you can get to while at school you will be able to get to it from home (or on any Wi-Fi network or hotspot).

As of today, when you leave school, each time you access a Wi-Fi network (home, mobile hotspot, or other Wi-Fi that you seek to get to the internet from for web browsing, email, etc.), you will need to login to the iBoss network to complete that connection. This is similar to when you go to McDonalds or Panera or Starbucks and before you can access the internet, you need to login to their network / agree to their terms to be part of their network. Also, like those networks, if you don’t login, you will not be allowed to access the Wi-Fi network. No login, no internet. This change does not impact the iPad when you are on the school network.

You will need to login to iBoss each time you access a new Wi-Fi network (home, Wi-Fi network, or internet hotspot). iBoss will hold your login for 8 hours. Once you start a new internet session after that 8 hours, you will need to login again to gain access to the internet. The login to iBoss exactly the same as you login to a desktop computer here at SHS. To login to iBoss, you will just need to launch the browser (Safari or Chrome) or a new browser tab and login. Then the internet will be available. Attached to this post is a more detail copy of the instructions for how to login to the iBoss network.

I strongly encourage you to download the instructions and put them in Notability for easy access (in case you forgot how to login) so you will always have them on your iPad. You are also going to receive this information in your email.

If you run into any issues, see the iTech Team in the media center. 

iBoss Network Login Instructions Link

Watch a step-by-step iBoss Instructional Video