SHS Vision, Mission & Values

What is our vision, mission and values?

What is our vision, mission and values?

Over the course of the past four years, the Schaumburg Community has embarked on the process of looking critically at what kind of school Schaumburg High School is and what kind of school we want to become. We began by re-developing the Mission Statement and identifying tangible goals that would guide us in accomplishing that Mission.

“Focused on student learning and personal accountability, the Schaumburg High School community is dedicated to fostering a respectful, committed, and collaborative environment to maximize student learning.”

  • Provide Students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful
  • Model dignity, respect, honest communications, responsibility, and personal integrity in a safe learning environment
  • Develop students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Promote adaptable technological skills
  • Encourage awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity

In establishing what we as a school represent through the Mission Statement, the next step was to pledge, as a community, what we represent. Our Vision statement is “WE are SHS”. Our Vision Statement embodies the principles of collective responsibility toward attaining the community that we desire.

Finally, in order to advance our shared vision, students, parents, and staff developed Value Statements. See the images below: