Computer Drop-in Lab

Computer Drop-in Lab

The Information/Educational Technology department provides technology support to staff and students on school technology software and initiatives.  It additionally assists parents who might have questions using the school parent portal.  This department also maintains all of the school technology equipment such as desktop computers, laptops, iPads, printers, etc.  and is responsible for keeping all the school software up to date and the computer networks operative. The school website and social networks are updated by this department as well.

Students may visit the drop-in lab, located in room 214, next to the library on the second floor of the building, to find technology personnel who can answer technology questions about school projects, homework, computer account issues, student email, student portal, school software and device usage.

Parents can reach the Technology Dept. at (847) 755-4761.

Staff Directory

Renee L Arredia (Technology Assistant)
Brent Dahnke (Repair Technician)
Jennifer A. Fletcher (Computer Assistant II)
Jeffrey G. O'brien (Technology Department Chair)
Rash N. Patel (Network Specialist)
David Polly (Network Technician)
Jennifer Suedkamp (Computer Assistant I)
Scott Weidig (Technology Department Chair)