Student Services

About Student Services

Schaumburg High School Student Services Department provides social, personal, and academic counseling, as well as career planning. When students enter high school, a counselor is assigned to help them in these areas. Counselors see their students several times per year. Students also can schedule appointments with their counselor. Parents are encouraged to contact the counselor at any time. Students may meet with a counselor during a study hall or lunch, before or after school by appointment, when an emergency exists. Department Phone Number: (847) 755-4630

Additional School Services include:

  • Psychologist: Conducts psychological evaluations and interprets results for students, parents, and staff. The psychologist also provides counseling and helps locate outside referral agencies.
  • Social Worker: Provides individual, group, and family counseling and serves as a liaison between the school and community agencies.
  • Speech and Language Therapist: Identifies and assists students who need help with communication skills.
  • Nurse: Provides health services within legal guidelines.
  • Student Assistance Team: Specially trained personnel who provide services and programs to students and their families affected by alcohol or drug use and abuse.
  • Community Resources: A list of community agencies that provide assistance for families may be obtained by contacting the school social worker.


Student Services Staff Directory

Lisa A. Becker (Counselor)
Jessica E. Belmonte (Speech/Language Therapist)
Yassila Delgado (Student Services Director)
Paul B. Duffy (Counselor)
Pamela A. Enright (Psychologist)
Kailee M. Falvo (Social Worker Intern)
Maria Fasolo (Speech Therapist)
Chelsea Gieseke (Counselor Intern)
Barbara A. Gust-Farrell (Registrar)
Ginger L. Haas (Social Worker)
Melanie Hopkins (Nurse)
Lori F. Kelly (Nurse's Clerk)
Nicholas A. Kostalek (Counselor)
Joseph F. Kowalski (Counselor)
Tammy S. Loch (Guidance Clerk/CRT Operator)
Joyce Mariano (Student Services Receptionist)
Jennifer Mcilrath (Sub Nurse)
Eric Melton (Counselor)
Liliana Pirtle (Counselor)
Kendall A. Rodheim (Counselor)
Rose Severino (Career Advisor)
Kristal Smith (Social Worker)
Mark F. Stilling (Psychologist)
Brent L. Swolsky (Counselor)
Linda M. Vanek (Secretary, Student Services)
Julie S. Vasireddy (Counselor)
Diane M. Weaver (Assistant Registrar)
Erika Werlein (Counselor)
Jennifer L. Zell (Registrar)