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Schaumburg Literary Magazine
The magazine is now accepting original student created artwork, poetry, photography or short stories for the 2015 publication entitled “Connect”. We connect daily personally, in our reading and in our writing, and through many forms of social media. Share a connection! Deadline: February 27, 2015. All material must be submitted online.

Need help with reading or writing?
English teachers are available all periods of the day to help with reading or writing in the Saxon Academic Center (room 5). After-school English tutoring is also available in the Saxon Academic Center Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Stop by when you need help starting an essay or need a draft proofread before turning it in!


Jamie L. Barrett 224-653-4241jbarrett@d211.org
Becky Carnes 224-653-4242bcarnes@d211.org
Alfred L. Cedeno 224-653-4243acedeno@d211.org
Brian W. Curtin 224-653-4244bcurtin@d211.org
Amy B. Darby 224-653-4245adarby@d211.org
Donald G. Davis (Dept. Chair)224-653-4240dgdavis@d211.org
Beth L. Donatucci 224-653-4246bdonatucci@d211.org
Whitney R. Gbur 224-653-4247wgbur@d211.org
Mirthala Guerra-Gilkey 224-653-4249mguerra-gilkey@d211.org
Nicholas F. Klinger 224-653-4250nklinger@d211.org
Katelyn Ksiazek 224-653-4251kksiazek@d211.org
Kelly Lagioia 224-653-4252klagioia@d211.org
Katie M. McElheny kmcelheny@d211.org
Ronald M. Micheletto 224-653-4253rmicheletto@d211.org
Joseph Nemetz 224-653-4254jnemetz@d211.org
Matthew C. Peterson 224-653-4255mpeterson@d211.org
Gina A. Postelli 224-653-4256gpostelli@d211.org
Darrell H. Robin 224-653-4257drobin@d211.org
Rosemary P. Ryan 224-653-4258rryan@d211.org
Kimberly A. Selleck 224-653-4261kselleck@d211.org
Tracy A. Serafini 224-653-4262tserafini@d211.org
Jami J. Stilling 224-653-4263jjstilling@d211.org
Jacqueline T. Storm 224-653-4264jstorm@d211.org