iBoss Tips & Tricks to get Connected

  • Be sure to first connect to the wifi where you are located.
  • Close ALL open browser tabs and then completely shut down the browser. Relaunch and then enter a full URL for a website.
  • When attempting to connect to iBoss, DO NOT simply tap on a search suggestion or bookmarked URL. Type in the entire URL like cnn.com not just cnn…

  • You will need to sign in every time you connect to the Internet in a new place for the first time.  
  • You may need to sign in to use the Internet multiple times in the same place depending on how the Internet works at that location (such as at a library or if you are using a hot spot at home to connect).  
  • The filter will reset every eight (8) hours. You will need to sign in each time you connect to a new Wi-Fi and/or every eight (8) hours on a known Wi-Fi network when you want to connect to the Internet outside of school.